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February: Cassie Dickerson

What’s your wave (hustle)?:

Positively impacting our culture through sports, STEM, and sometimes art...

The first time I discovered my passion was......

I've been an athlete my entire life, but it wasn't until I was done playing and in law school studying media and technology when I came to appreciate the way sport intercedes with society. The power of sport is undeniable; in the establishment of societal principles, the integration of social classes, and an overall sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves. I also realized that the human connection to sports parallels our affinity to brands, and not only consumer brands but personal brands of influential individuals. This is when I became captivated by the power that a brand has to inspire individuals, whether it be via a social media platform or through innovative products and experiences.

My biggest influence......

Intrinsically, it has to be the way I was raised. I was taught to always strive for excellence and to leave everything better than I find it. So, I have my family to thank for that. Otherwise, influential extrinsic factors are everywhere; in architecture, street style, tenacity and courage in sport, exhibitions of talent and innovation on digital platforms. It's just all around us.

What/who inspires you to do what you do?

Above all, I motivate myself. My personal expectations and standards will always push me to achieve higher, accomplish more, and to be the best at whatever I’m doing. But when I need external motivation I don’t have to look far. My friends and the people I surround myself with are doing amazing things. Being in Columbus is also a lowkey blessing, we quietly have some of the most entrepreneurial and innovative individuals in our community, you just have to want to be a part of it.

Who do you hope to inspire?

One of the main reasons I’m involved in youth sports and STEM initiatives is to break stereotypes and to change kid’s perception of the spaces girls and minorities can occupy. I feel an obligation to normalize this for the next generation. Especially for the young black girls and boys, for them to see someone like them in roles that may seem foreign. I just want to be the representation they need so that they don’t see a limitation but a reality. And generally, I just hope to inspire anybody that I come in contact with. I believe that by being a good steward of my gifts, that when others witness it they too will be inspired to utilize their gifts to make an impact in the ways that make sense for them.

What are you creating right now?

Right now I am focused on a few projects for former/retired athletes. That's a community I belong to that I care deeply about and I want to make an impact in that space this year.

What do you have coming up down the road?

As an intellectual property attorney I know better than to share ideas that aren't fully baked or properly protected. So I'll just have to say wait and see! Artistically, one thing I can say is that I plan to do more large wall installations like the one at Our Bar. Sometimes a piece like that takes on a life of its own, and it's the best feeling to see the people that it was intend for truly align with it and rock with it. I look forward to creating more of those in the future.

Where can we find/see/learn more about your work?

My IG's cover my work pretty comprehensively @HowCassSeesIt + - but as you can tell, I'm long winded, so I also have a website where you can learn more about me and what I have going on:

What message do you want to share to inspire others?

We are all influencers, intentionally and inadvertently affecting the people we interact with, whether it's in person or digitally. Don't ever sell yourself short or diminish your importance. We all have the responsibility to use whatever platform and gifts we have to make the world a better place and a little more fun to live in :)


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