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June: Mico Cordero and Nile Woodson

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

What’s your wave (hustle)?:

Nile Woodson: Co-founder and CEO of Hai Poké

Mico Cordero : My hustle is in the creative space, I'm very passionate about new business development and branding. I’m one of the co-founders for an island inspired street food restaurant and a juice bar in Columbus, Ohio called Hai Poke and Pure Pressed Juicery and soon to be a Hai Poke juice club. Love every single moment of it.

The first time I discovered my passion was......

Nile: I've always loved food! I have a large family and we always cooked. Looking back from where I am now I would say I first discovered my passion at my first job Quizno's subs when I was 16. I would take a little longer to make and toast my subs than other co-workers because I would make every sandwich the way I would want to eat it. I would spread the sauces from edge to edge, make sure the cheese and meat covered the whole sandwich, etc. I didn't know it then but that passion and care would translate into me owning two restaurants and still to this day making every poké bowl and dish exactly the way I would want to eat it!

Mico: Discovered my first passion in the creative space when I purchased my first Go Pro when I was 17 and fell in love capturing life from the first person's point of view. Soon got the inspiration and an idea to create a lifestyle and a business that supports what I wanted to do.

My biggest influence......

Nile: I would have to say my biggest influence has been my travels, seeing the world, meeting and interacting with other people and cultures, and of course eating all the foods! You will learn an incredible amount about people and the world by taking one trip but the most important thing about traveling is learning about yourself and where you come from by seeing other people and where they come from. I have been on 5 continents and I plan on making it to all 7.

Mico: Biggest influence in my life are my parents, Sarah and Manuel Cordero, and my uncle (parents business partner) in the Philippines uncle Rene. Growing up in an entrepreneurial environment in the office from the family business. I was the kid that was running around the office and got in trouble all the time. Now as I get older and appreciate where all of this drive came from and being in an environment growing up  has definitely supported everything i have today.

What/who inspires you to do what you do?

Nile: People! I'm a people person and I get great satisfaction from connecting and creating experiences for people, whether we're on an adventure together or I'm preparing and serving a poké bowl. nothing makes me more happy than watching someone take that first bite and break out into a smile, satisfactory head nod, or maybe a little happy dance.

Mico: The creative community really inspires me to push myself harder than anybody else. This has allowed me to love my craft and appreciate what I put out in our community.  Also, love the process of taking an idea from its conceptual phase, taking it to execution, and sharing it to our community that’s totally something new and see how everyone’s experience goes.. Kinda crazy but it’s so much fun.

Who do you hope to inspire?

Nile: With whatever I do I look to create impact, that's what Hai Poké is all about. Healthy fast food and sushi bowls in the Midwest - things could be an oxymoron or go against the grain, but when done well and with passion people and perspectives can change. People didn't know what poké was when Hai Poké started and now its a staple in Columbus and there are even other poké shops, I can look at that and say in some way I stood as source for that movement. I hope to inspire the people and the dreamers who look at impossible odds and still say "I got this!"

Mico: Intentionally inspiring Millennials to get out of their comfort zone and show the community that trying something new, taking more risks, creating more for yourself goes way farther than living in a box or the comfortable life we know.

What are you creating right now?

Nile: Experiences, community, and impact through full bellies!

Mico: Recently, I’ve been exercising the practice of unison and its discipline. Being involved in multiple projects and being able to acknowledge that one project is just important as the other for all of it to succeed has totally been a stretch for me and at the same time refreshing knowing that I am capable of creating more and that this is where I want to be at the moment and appreciating being uncomfortable of the moment. Lastly, I just took on a role with Prime Social as the newest Breakaway Festival Ohio Market Manager and will be getting all of the brands involved in unison at the festival this coming August 23rd - 24th at MAPFRE Stadium.

What do you have coming up down the road?

Nile: The thing I have been focused on and am really excited about at the moment are some local partnerships and collaborations with other wave makers in this city. There will be some really cool and awesome collabs coming up, so definitely stay tuned for that!

Mico: Lots of so much fun stuff that we can’t wait to share in the community. Just follow all our socials :)

Where can we find/see/learn more about your work?

Nile: You can always find me at one of the restaurants or whippin' around in the poké truck. Our short north location is 647 N. High Street and our downtown spot is 194 S. High Street. Come through!

Mico: You can find me on LinkedIn - Mico Cordero. Follow the restaurant on Instagram @haipoke and my personal @kingmeekz_

What message do you want to share to inspire others?

Nile: Embrace the breakdowns, they will most certainly happen! These are the moments and choice points where the magic happens and opportunity and growth are created. Breakdowns lead to breakthroughs, so I say welcome them and stay committed to the vision and you will persevere. Also when in doubt, eat a poké bowl haha

Mico: If you see a vision that you’ve been wanted to take a risk on just do it. One of the my mentors growing up said to me one day when i asked him how he did all of it said “ just do what you love to do and everything will follow.. broke today, rich tomorrow so you might as well take the risk”


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