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March: Nasteha & Nuni Yusuf

What’s your wave (hustle)?:

Content Creators & Business Owners. We create content for various different brands, manage social media for local companies as well as own a local creative multi-use studio space.

The first time I discovered my passion was......

We both discovered our passion in our teens and have since been involved in various different aspects of the fashion industry. However, we would say that our passion for the business aspect of fashion has been a more recent passion we have discovered and continue to foster everyday.

My biggest influence......

Our biggest influence is our mother.

What/who inspires you to do what you do?

Our kids. We’re both mothers and want more than anything to raise strong/capable little girls (and boy) who never have to worry about fitting in but instead, worry more about shattering glass ceilings every day of their lives.

Who do you hope to inspire?

Women around the world.

What are you creating right now?

We’re currently working on several different campaigns.

What do you have coming up down the road?

We’re in the process of creating a clothing collection.

Where can we find/see/learn more about your work?

Instagram: @TheYusufs Web: Youtube: The Yusufs. Our studio is called The Millennial Suite and located at The Fort Columbus

What message do you want to share to inspire others?

You’re never too old and it’s never too late. If you have a passion or a dream, the best thing you can do for yourself is just start. Don’t ever let fear paralyze you. Because you will only get better with each day that passes.


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