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October: Elijah Banks

Born in Germany and raised in Columbus, Ohio. Elijah Banks grew up between two musical realms: the vibrant and soulful atmospheres of R&B and the gritty influence of Hip-Hop; helping him craft his unique sound. When not in Ohio, his other years were spent soaking up the dark trap illustrations and baselines of Atlanta, Georgia. With his timeless sonic skills, deft arrangements, and songwriting abilities he has landed in the Ohio spotlight, garnering critical acclaim from outlets such as Fly Paper Magazine, RAW, Prime Social Group, and Wave Runner Surf Club.

Elijah is known for his humble attitude, passionate dedication, and commitment to music. All of which are immense qualities no matter what genre or platform. Check below for our conversation with Elijah!

What’s your wave (hustle)?:

Music, Culture and Life

The first time I discovered my passion was......

As a kid my brother and I performed in front of about 200 people at our church. I knew it was my passion because it was the first thing that made me nervous. I’ve learned to find comfort in uncomfortable things.

My biggest influence......

My Biggest influence would have to be Kanye West. Kanye has a keen knack at pushing peoples thinking in culture. I strive everyday to make records that people would never expect. No one wants to hear more of the same.

What/who inspires you to do what you do?

My brother started doing music when we were kids and I was just the producer/hype man. He's since been locked up for the past few years. I had to carry the torch/legacy for him and myself. I’m also inspired by the journey itself. I don’t really latch on to the end goal like most do. I know when I get there, the moments that will matter the most will be the ones on the way.

Who do you hope to inspire?

I hope to inspire that person who is in their room knowing they are dope and scared to step out and get out there and get it. I was once that person and the moment I left the idea of what other people thought of me behind, my life changed.

What are you creating right now?

My second album, "Can't Do This Alone" and curating a sound for Columbus through my publishing company Wonder Bread Sound. I’m also starting to build dope experiences for music consumers by performing with a band to bend genres and push the envelope to new levels.

What do you have coming up down the road?

New Album, live shows, quarterly cultural event

Where can we find/see/learn more about your work?

Instagram, Spotify, Apple Music Search "Elijah Banks"

What message do you want to share to inspire others?

The message I want to get out is how everyone's art is special and unique in its own way. Your path is your path. There won’t be many on it; get used leading by yourself and the masses will follow later.


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