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Outfit Inspo

For some of our events we create themes to help us achieve our vision of the event.

A key element in the execution of that vision is our guests outfits, we love to see our guests express their style.

With that in mind below is some inspo for upcoming events. 

Club Pvrvdise - "All Black Party in Mykonos"

  • The theme for this edition of Club Pvrvdise is inspired by the night party scene at Paradise Beach Club in Mykonos, Greece. Outfit choices should be represent a cool European evening aesthetic. 

  • Womenswear; Think maxi dresses,  mini dresses, two piece sets, linen sets, Jumpsuits/body suits, graphic tees and tailored shorts/pants.  

  • Menswear; Knit polos, black floral shirts, Linen sets, graphic tees and black tailored pants/shorts.  

  • Accessories & Footwear; Think of pieces that compliment your all black apparel or offer your outfit a pop of color.

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